Bok Tower Gardens Engagement in Lake Wales


Sometimes the best moments are the unscripted ones. With my work, I do direct my couples telling them where to stand in the best light and background that tell the story of what we are shooting, even with an engagement session. So when those real, in between moments happen we are ready to capture them. There was a moment like this, where Mike so sweetly picked up and kissed Avery’s hand. Which reminded me of how my Grandparent’s loved one another, with complete adoration of each other. You could clearly see the love between them and making them feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of our lens is the best thing I can do as a photographer.

Bok Tower Gardens is one of my favorite locations in Florida for an engagement session, there are so many jaw-dropping spots to photograph at! What made it even better, Mike and Avery brought along their pup Ellie Blue and she stuck by them the entire time, not wanting to be far from their side. I’ll never say no to bringing your dog with you for your engagement session!